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Now licensed in California

We're now licensed in California.  Along with Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii, HVE is professionally licensed in nine states.  It would be a pleasure to be part of your next design team.

The West Newton Flats are Now Finished

November 13, 2012

Perched atop the east hillside of Magnolia, the West Newton Flats are residential urban sanctuaries, offering its future occupants sweeping view of downtown Seattle.  See more photos of the finished flats here.

Workshop AD in Dwell Magazine

September 13, 2011

Check out this month's issue of Dwell magazine (october 2011) to see Workshop AD's Nearpoint project.  The article, An Epic Plot, replays the owners life whlie the house was being designed and built.  See more photos of the project here

E. Cobb Architect’s “Open House”

September 7, 2011

E. Cobb Architect's "Open House" is featured on the cover of Home and Architectural Trends Magazine this month (check out full article here).  The house presented a very unique structural challenge.  The aircraft hangar door, that assists in the openness, imposes a 10,000 pound thrust on the house while it opens.  Some creative structural design allowed for this door to be placed while keeping the structure light.  Click below for construction photos.  

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Capitol Hill Residence - Update

August 25, 2011

Capitol Hill Residence has been completed!  Click on link below to see the finish stairs photos from a recent open house.  (see construction photos from the Feburary 4th post).

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July 29, 2011

At HV Engineers, we have a great appreciation for nice concrete.  Read more to check out the concrete work being done for a current Balance Associates project, Rattlesnake Creek Residence.  In addition to the concrete design, we worked with Kyle Zerbey, project architect at Balance, to design an aggressively cantilevered deck and green roof.  This project is located in Missoula, MT.  Check back later for more pictures.  

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Northwest Harvest House – a new green home

July 13, 2011

HV Engineers is excited to see that Velocipede’s Northwest Harvest House has broken ground.  George Ostrow of Velocipede Architects, described the mission of the house to be “a self-sufficient, single-family residence where food, sun, and rain can be harvested on site.”  

HV Engineers worked in collaboration with Velocipede Architects to help develop an efficient structure for this green home.  George Ostrow will be blogging about the progress of the house on Northwest Home.  Be sure to check it out.

Illustration: © Hartman Illustrations

Nature Framed: At Home in the Landscape

June 2, 2011

Eva Hagberg's recently published, Nature Framed: At Home in the Landscape, features Domestic Architecture's True House (37th Avenue Residence) along with twenty-four other recent residential projects from around the United States. 

The book examines how, “these houses are designed to frame a very particular vision of nature for their owners that brings them as close as possible to nature while remaining indoors.”

Read more for images of the True House during construction and in its finished state.

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